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Let's Talk Pottery

Painting pottery at Artrageous is fun, relaxing and easy! Here are your five easy steps to make your masterpiece!

1. Choose the piece of pottery that you would like to paint. We have over hundreds of different items to choose from including mugs, plates, bowls, kitchen ware and a great range of fun kids pieces.

2. Decide on the design. We have painted examples all around the studio plus we have our decorative bar area for ideas/tips and tools. We offer stencils, stamps and sponges’ You can always ask our friendly staff to help you complete your unique work of art.

3. Select your paint. We have over different colors to choose from and we do not limit you to the number of colors you may use.

4. Paint your piece. We do not charge an hourly studio fee so take as much time as you like.

5. Once done, leave your artwork with us. We will clean up the mess, fire/glaze your artwork. We will let you know in 5-7 days to come and pick up your finished masterpiece.

Our Selection

We have over 300 pieces for you to choose from. Pick your piece and paint! As easy as that!

Dinnerware, Home and Office Decor

Mugs, Cups Tiles

Children's Figurines, Seasonal Items,

And so Much More! $2-60

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