About Us

A Little Intro

Artrageous is a walk-in pottery studio that offers a unique artistic experience.
Here you can enjoy our open and relaxing atmosphere while creating your own masterpieces.
From three year olds to adults, everyone is welcome!
We offer a large selection of pieces and a variety of different artistic choices.
For more information about us click here., and for more information about what we offer
and how it works, click here.


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Wine Glass

Our lady of wine.

Canvas Dog

Canvas watercolor dog

Tiled Tray

Painted tiles with tag alongs

Christmas Tree Canvas

Simple canvas christmas tree for everyone!


Our very own hero of the jungle!

A footprint cardinal

Child's foot turned into a cardinal!

Siren in the Sea

A Mermaid to Remember

Mosaic Sea

A beautiful city overlooking th sea

A small peek

A few of our over 300 pieces

How It Works

All of the artistic opportunities we offer!


Painting pottery is truly relaxing, it's the perfect creative activity anyone! Here at our studio you can pick a piece to paint, ask for one to be made for you, or simply buy one of our ready made pieces!

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Canvas Painting is one of the most loved forms of artistic expression. Famous throughout the centuries, one starts with a simple white plane and paints whatever they may desire. Here at our studio you can start with a canvas, or even pick a pres-sketched canvas to work with.

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Do you like puzzles? Then you'll love mosaics! Mosaic art has been around for over 2000 years. Create with small glass pieces, tiles, gems, and even stones. The design options are infinite!

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Glass Fusion

Glass Fusion is a fun way to make your own unique jewelry, night lights, bowls and more using beads and pieces of glass. Create your own abstract design, or use our own sample designs to get started.

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Glass Painting

Glass Painting is simple and easy pasttime, here at the studio. Simply pick your choice of wine or shot glass, pick a design and go. Glasses are safe to drink and easy to make!

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Wood Painting

Wood Painting is a take home today project. Filled with dozens of different projects, and plenty of room for creativity, it's something you can finish and take home that same day!

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